Experience a true holiday and Discover Malinska

Malinska is situated in a wooded bay on the western side of the island of Krk with another twenty surrounding villages belongs to a territory known as Dubašnica. The Dubašnica bay has a wealth of both large and small coves and thanks to its geographical position; the area is protected against cold winds, with little rain and about 260 sunny days per year. The climate is mild, Mediterranean.

Apartments & Rooms

5 building, 14 apartments and 4 rooms located in Malinska on the island of Krk. Facilities are air-conditioned and come with free internet and satellite TV. Parking is provided.

Gastronomic offer

Catering facilities in Malinska and the surrounding areas protect and develop the coastal-fishing tradition of the region through their gastronomic proposals by means of which every guest can experience and taste a part of Dubašnica's past.

How to reach us ?

Thanks to the Isola di Krk's favourable geographical position, you can reach Malinska by various means of transport- by bus, car, plane or ship.

How to find us?